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Keeping Him With Sex - TheKing - 05-28-2021

[Image: E3CkZu0l.jpg]

Tricia: Hi Melissa.

Melissa: Hi Trish. How are you? Smile

Tricia: I'm fine, Melissa. I'm just a little worried. Sleepy

Melissa: Why, what's the problem? Sad

Tricia: It's Mark. Sleepy

Melissa: Oh...Maaaaark dear Big Grin ...buh...what about him? Blush

Tricia: He's threathening to call the relationship off Angry

Melissa: Huhhh Huh ...why?

Tricia: He says if I won't do sex before marriage, then he's calling it quits. Angry

Melissa: Oh dear... Angel . So, what are you going to do? Undecided

Tricia: I guess I'll have to do everything possible to keep my man. I'll give him sex, if that's all it'll take to save the relationship Sleepy


Does the conversation ring a bell?

I bet it does.

Our dear sister and friend Tricia is in an interesting situation...dealing with an interesting fellow, Mark. And I think Tricia's adapting pretty-well. She's using what she's got to get what she wants. She's being smart. Smile

Or, isn't she? Huh

Anyways, I'll share my thoughts on this. Feel free to disagree in your replies, but a quick look at Tricia's game-plan reveals two (2) serious blunders:
  • Blunder Number 1: Tricia isn't married to Mark, yet; but she already believes that Mark is hers; so she calls him "my man" . Rolleyes  Hmmm...I think This is a huge blunder. A guy who isn't committed to you in marriage is NOT your man - quote me anywhere. As ugly and stern as this might read, it's the truth. Once you both offcially say I do (whatever this means to you both), then, you can safely call him your man. But until then, he's not yours. So, cut-down on the risks and sacrifices you're willing to make, in order to maitain your relationship with him, especially if he doesn't have a verifiable relationship with God - you'll thank me later for this.
  • Blunder Number 2: Tricia has reasoned that her best best is to give Mark (her so-called man) her body in sex, in order to keep him. This is another huge blunder. To Tricia and to other ladies in Tricia's shoes, I'm saying, please hear this and hear it loud and clear: You can never keep any man to yourself, with sex. Trust me, if sex is what is required to keep a man in a relationship, many separated couples would still be together. And that's because it appears that many young women today have prioritized sex above everything else, in a relationship. In fact, some ladies wouldn't even marry a man with whom they've not had sex Confused; and they've conjured-up many reasons for their decision - I want to be sure he's not impotent. If I don't have sex with him, how will I know if he'll be good in bed? etc. If you doubt me, visit any of the Facebook groups dedicated to marriage and relationships, and post the question:

"Can you marry a man you've never had sex with?"

And you'll be amazed by the responses you get.

Anyhow, I think Tricia's going to be the architect of her own sorrows. And here's why I think so:

"Any man who will not stick with you until he commits to you in marriage before demanding for sex, is a dangerous man."
                                                                                                                                                                               - Kingsley Okei

Ummm...feel free to tweet my quote Big Grin

A Rude Awakening!!!

[Image: 1ER6FI9l.jpg]

My point is, if Tricia thinks she's going to be able to keep Mark to herself by giving him sex; good sex for that matter, even before they're officially declared "Man and Wife", then I think she's going to be in for a rude awakening. She needs to consult with this sad, married woman below:

[Image: VBRDzwXl.jpg]

Because, if some women (married to ungodly/unruly men) have not been able to successfuly "keep" (with sex) the men who promised them marriage and went as far as fulfilling their promises, by marrying them (so that they are now officially known as husband and wife), what makes Tricia think that she can keep the free-floating Mark to herself, with sex? Smile

If she succumbs to Mark's request, then, best-case scenario, I think Mark would just have sex with her and then continue to play "the nice guy", while galivanting with the other beautiful ladies who also (like Tricia) are desperate for a relationship, that they are willing to give their bodies for sex, in order to "keep thier men". And then, when he's ready for marriage, he'd visit a good church where he hopes to find a decent lady; one who respects herself enough not to give sex to some random stranger, in the name of keeping a relationship.

Worse-case scenario, Mark would have sex with Tricia and then dissapear into "thin air" (i.e. Ghost her, for good) or become verbally abusive over time, so that (if Tricia subscribes to using her brain) she'd realize that the relationship is as good as dead. This is not the kind of situation any normal woman wants to be in; except of course, she's a prostitute.

Anyways, if you see Tricia, kindly help me share my views with her. Yours are also welcome here.